DevOps Pipeline

Working on the DevOps pipeline scale modelFor companies that develop software it is important that they are able to respond quickly to changes in demand. Therefore they need to be able to develop faster and at higher quality. This places high demands on the software development process.

DevOps helps organizations to streamline the development process by optimizing the flow of value from idea to end user. The DevOps cycle consists of 8 steps: Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate and Monitor. Within each individual step there are (best) practices you can apply that can help you improve the DevOps cycle.

DevOps Pipeline scale model

Delta-N created a scale model of a pipeline to visualize the DevOps process. It explains DevOps by guiding you through the eight steps of the DevOps cycle.

The physical scale model is displayed in the Experience Center at the Microsoft headquarters at Schiphol.

The tour starts at the ‘funnel’ in the Plan-phase. Here the ideas are put into the process. After the most important ideas are selected we will go through to the next stage in the DevOps cycle.

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