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Many organizations that develop software use tools such as Azure DevOps to support their development TOPdeskprocess. Usually, another system registers and handles incidents and change requests, for example TOPdesk. Some of the registered tickets require an adjustment in the software and these need to be forwarded to the development department. Often these incidents are entered manually into the second system. Duplicate work that costs time and increases the possibility of errors. For organizations that use both systems, a link between TOPdesk and Azure DevOps can yield a significant efficiency gain.

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TOPdesk – Azure DevOps integration

The link between Azure DevOps and TOPdesk works in both directions. Tickets in TOPdesk are easily forwarded to Azure DevOps and status changes of work items in Azure DevOps are sent back to TOPdesk.

As soon as an incident or change request in TOPdesk is forwarded to Azure DevOps, a work item is created that can be picked up by the development team. The complete information can be transferred, including any attachments such as screenshots.

As soon as the status of a work item changes in Azure DevOps, this status change is sent back to TOPdesk. The TOPdesk card is updated, so that support staff are always aware of the up-to-date status and can inform customers about this.

The integration also provides the capability to create notifications or changes in TOPdesk from Azure DevOps.

Benefits TOPdesk – Azure DevOps integration

The integration between TOPdesk and Azure DevOps provides organizations substantial efficiency gains.

  • No double entry of incidents and change requests.
  • Faster handling of incidents because they are forwarded immediately
  • The complete information ends up with development team, including attachments.
  • Less (mis) communication between development and support.
  • Better insights into the status of tickets in TOPdesk.
  • Customers can be better informed.
  • Access to Customer Portal.

Customers about the TOPdesk integration

Crescent Bank

“We were one of the first customers to utilize the DevOps to TopDesk integration.  The amount of personal engagement by Delta-N to ensure the success of the integration went above and beyond expectations.  We are also pleased with the continued follow ups by the Delta-N team to continuously improve their integration.  The latest quality of life features are great and we look forward to future releases of the integration.”


Richard N. Vernon Enterprise Architect Crescent Bank - USA
Ridder - TOPdesk Azure DevOps koppeling

“The TOPdesk – Azure DevOps Integration saves us a lot of time, because we no longer have to keep track of changes manually. Thereby the communication between the departments Services and Development is now much better.”


David van der Ent Test & Release coördinator Ridder
ISAH - TOPdesk koppeling

"Thanks to the TOPdesk - Azure DevOps integration, everything that happened double, manually, too late or incorrectly, is resolved and fully automated. This allows us to continue to improve our software in a focussed manner.”

Jos van Baal Manager Research & Development Isah
ARAG gebruikt TOPdesk - Azure DevOps koppeling

"The TOPdesk – Azure DevOps integration offers us significant efficiency benefits and the error sensitivity has decreased enormously compared to retyping."


Paul de Werd Sr. Cöordinating Application Lead ARAG

More information

The TOPdesk - Azure DevOps integration is a standard connection on a subscription basis. The integration is a SaaS solution which has no impact on the local IT infrastructure.

Do you need more information of do you want a quote without any obligation. Please contact us via info@delta-n.nl or on +31 85 487 52 00.

GitHub Using Github and interested in an integration with TOPdesk? Please contact us.


TOPdesk en Delta-N tekenen partnerovereenkomst

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